Kitchen Appliances – Hoods & Hobs


• There are three types of hobs – gas hobs, electric or ceramic hobs and induction hobs.
• Gas hobs are the most common as they are affordable and convenient to use. It is also easy to monitor the heat while cooking due to the flame’s visibility.
• Electric hobs are a common feature in contemporary kitchens. Made of ceramic, its stovetop comes in different sizes and can be controlled either manually or with touch-control knobs. Although its polished surface is easy to clean, it requires time to heat up and cool down hence it can be a little troublesome if you are short of time.
• For induction hobs, the electromagnetic energy ignites when a metal pot is in contact with its surface. There is no open flame making it ideal for family with young kids.


• They are two types of hood available in the market, namely vented hood and re-circulated hood. A vented hood directs air out of your home through a duct while a re-circulated hood guides air through filters using fans.
• If your kitchen is built near the exterior walls, vented hood might be a better option as it removes chemicals and grease from the air.
• If you are a regular cook, you may want a powerful hood with stronger suction power.
• A suitable hood should also have the same width as the hob for maximum air circulation.
• Slim line hoods are ideal if you wish to have the hoods installed under your kitchen cabinet top. The controls should be at eye level for easy adjustment of the fan’s speed while you are cooking.
• If you have an open kitchen, select a hood with low noise-levels so that it will not affect other people under the same roof.