SPENDING quality time together is a way to nurture a close and stronger bond with the family. We often associate the word home and family with the feeling of closeness, togetherness and warmth. Thus, it is no surprise that a poll ran by HOMEDEC on Facebook recently shows that majority of respondents prefer to spend time together as a family doing activities at home.

While what qualifies as quality time may vary from household to household, creating a positive family oriented environment such as having a meal together has been proven to help foster love, security, as well a sense of belonging. Make meal time with your loved ones a memory to treasure with these kitchen essentials.

Rinnai Cooker Hood & Hyper Burner

Imagine whipping up some delicious meals your family will never forget? Rinnai Cooker Hood and Hyper Burner may be what you are looking for. The hood comes with four speed settings that effectively extract smoke and grease from the air and into the detachable baffle filter, preventing them from staining your kitchen surfaces and walls. You get to keep the air in your home fresh and odour-free as you enjoy time with the family. Also, cook your favourite Malaysian dishes with Rinnai Hyper Burner at a lighting speed so you get to spend more quality time without compromising on the taste.


Enjoy RM1,526 savings with HOMEDEC exclusive deal at only RM3,499 for both Rinnai Cooker Hood & Hyper Burner (N.P: RM5,025).*

Only available at HOMEDEC KL 28 Apr – 1 May at Hall 8, booth no. 8L143.

Alfi Kugel Vacuum Carafe

Keep your dining table settings interesting with Alfi Kugel Vacuum Carafe by NS Thermo. Made of easy-to-clean alfiDur vacuum hard glass, it is suitable for serving juices and other beverages without affecting the characteristics and the taste of the liquid that it’s holding.

Designed by the award winning designer Ole Palsby, the carafe is highly efficient in insulating beverages, keeping them either hot or cold for 12 hours. Don’t forget to top that off with Alfi FlowMotion Carafe and encourage your family to keep hydrated by serving lemon infused water filled in the carafe.

Enjoy RM211 savings with HOMEDEC exclusive deal at only RM399 for both Alfi Kugel Vacuum Carafe & Alfi FlowMotion Carafe (N.P: RM610).*

Only available at HOMEDEC KL 28 Apr – 1 May at Hall 1, booth no. 1P001.

IMAXX Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Turn your after meal clean-up session into a fun family activity with the help of IMAXX Robot Vacuum Cleaner. With just a touch of a button, no nook and cranny will go untouched by its 25W suction power.  There are several cleaning modes to choose from such as the Auto cleaning mode, the spot cleaning mode and the edge cleaning mode that keep your abode dust-free. And when you’re done, simply run the dust bin under running water and you’re good to go.


Enjoy RM1,200 savings with HOMEDEC exclusive deal at only RM1,699 (N.P: RM2,899).*

Only available at

  • HOMEDEC Penang 7 – 9 April, Main Arena Level booth no. P215
  • HOMEDEC Kota Kinabalu 21-23 April, 1Borneo Hypermall, booth no. D070
  • HOMEDEC KL 28 Apr – 1 May at Hall 1, booth no. 1D067.

Lebensstil KOLLEKTION Breadmaker

Nothing beats the satisfaction of making your own taste-rich, nutrient packed, preservative free bread. Simply select the ingredients of your choice, put them into the Lebensstil KOLLEKTION Breadmaker, select one of the five pre-set baking programs (Basic, Whole Wheat, Quick, Dough and Bake) and wait for the timer to shut-off automatically 15 minutes later. This bread maker can bake up to 550g loaf sizes at a time and your family will enjoy creating and experimenting with flavours together.

Enjoy RM200 savings with HOMEDEC exclusive deal at only RM199 (N.P: RM399).*

Only available at

  • HOMEDEC Penang 7 – 9 April, Main Arena Level booth no. P195
  • HOMEDEC KL 28 Apr – 1 May at Hall 8, booth no. 8K129.

Hunter Douglas Blind

Simplify your life with this intelligent PowerView® Motorization shades that automatically adjusts itself throughout the day to create the perfect dining ambiance in your home. The recipient of the 2016 Red Dot Design Award employs Hub as the brain of its motorisation system that enables you to create and schedule scenes for automatic operation. With that, your home too can be the perfect dining place for family.

Get a free Hub worth RM1,220 with purchase of 2 shades with PowerView.*

Only available at HOMEDEC KL 28 Apr – 1 May at Hall , booth no. 4P628.

Kmix Kitchen Machine

Make Sunday morning activities more enjoyable with a fun baking session with your loved ones. The combination of Kmix Kitchen Machine’s 500W motor and its revolutionary fold function allows it to perfectly mix the toughest of dough without losing air and handle a large quantities of ingredients, enough to feed the whole family. You can whip up a delicious dessert to accompany that delicious lunch spread in no time.

Enjoy RM1,500 savings with HOMEDEC exclusive deal at only RM1,499 (N.P: RM2,999).*

Only available at HOMEDEC KL 28 Apr – 1 May at Hall 8, booth no. 8O043.


Verra Kitchen cabinet

Equip your kitchen work area with this Milano Series Kitchen Cabinet by Verra. It features Cerra worktop—a product that is made of large mineral porcelain ceramic slab—known for its low maintenance and durability. And since it is 100% natural, there is no worry of toxic leaching.

Enjoy RM3,249 savings with HOMEDEC exclusive deal at only RM12,999 (N.P: RM16,248).*

Only available at HOMEDEC Penang 7 – 9 April, Concourse Level booth no. B191


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I have been going to Homedec every year. I am now looking for durable security screen doors and windows that provide total security without the needs for bars and grilles. Will you have company that provide this in this coming event?

I have requested 2 separate companies in year 2015 and 2016 to come over to my place to install but they never call back ….they do not seem interested. So, I hope I could get it this year.

Hey there! Thank you so much for your continuous support for HOMEDEC. Home security, doors and windows has always been a part of our exhibiting profile. let us know which HOMEDEC you’re visiting and we’d be glad to help!

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