HOME is a personal sanctuary to most of us. As life is moving at a fast space, the need for a ‘me time’ to unwind and recharge physically, mentally, and emotionally becomes a necessity. But interestingly when it comes to dining, a Facebook poll that was ran by HOMEDEC recently has found that the majority of urban Malaysians prefer dining out to eating in. Considering the many factors that contributes to this phenomenon, it is surprising that the society is unaware of the fundamental moments that they are entitled or can do at home.

However, there are ways you can turn that abode into a safe, enjoyable haven and make dining at home an experience to look forward to without having to give your kitchen a complete overhaul. In conjunction with HOMEDEC, here are a few kitchen additions you can find that will help elevate the ambience of your home and make eating in an enjoyable experience.

Dining Table

A well-built dining table goes a long way in setting a great dining atmosphere that you and your family will enjoy. The Ethnicraft Online Malaysia latest offering, the Teak Slice Extendable Dining Table may be exactly what your dining room needs. Its extendable design allows you to minimize the size of the table when needed by sliding the extension underneath the original table top, keeping it perfectly concealed.

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Kitchen Cabinet

A well designed kitchen cabinet can easily convert an inefficient kitchen into a functional and organized multitasking space. You can now custom design your kitchen cabinet and add character to your kitchen with In-Cube Customize Lucido Wonder Healthy Series. Be it an additional drawer or an eccentric colour, each one of these furniture is customized to suit the individual’s taste. Now, imagine coming home from a long day at work and setting foot into a well organised kitchen that keeps all of your ingredients within categorised reach and make cooking a breeze. What a wonderful life!

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Rice cooker

Since rice is a staple food source in Malaysia, it brooks no argument that having an appliance that can cook this delicious starchy grain to perfection is an absolute must. The Cuckoo Rice Cooker is the perfect device for the job. It’s not only helped to reduce up to 70% of your cooking time and energy, but also keep the nutrients in you rice from leaching away.

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Nothing spells sophistication more than a white coloured multioven that perfectly complements your refined lifestyle. Senz’s Build-in Electric MultiOven features five cooking functions with one light function that ensures you achieve nothing less than baking perfection. With white tempered glass elegantly embellishing the surface and an easy to clean interior, cleaning an oven has never been made easier.

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We often underestimate how a good set of cutlery could enhance or ruin our eating experience. Eating is a multisensory experience that involves taste, smell and sight; and the use of a well fashioned cutlery set such as the Oneida Madison Avenue (45pc) not only will affect your satiation level but also adds a touch of elegance and style to your dining. These Oneida cutleries make a beautiful picture lined up on your table setting—from its square tip that curves ever so gently upwards to provide comfort while holding, to the concave handle that adds a curvy silhouette to the geometric details and create a good balance in the hand.

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Food waste disposer

One of the biggest dine in deterrent is having to deal with the groan-inducing task of throwing out the trash. Elevate your standard of living with the KleenGard ® Food Waste Disposer that efficiently and hygienically eliminate wet food waste by grinding it into small particles that are then flushed down instantly. You no longer have to worry about odours, insects, bacteria and pests invading your home.

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