Dining Etiquette

Don’t know which fork or spoon to use during dinner? Glancing around you while dining out and trying to get a clue from others may not solve the problem…

• Utensils are generally set up so that you can start from the outside. Use the utensils furthest from the plate first.
• Use only one set of utensils per course. Don’t mix up using two forks for the same dish.
• There is a fork located at the outer left to be used in salads appropriately called the salad fork.
• Use the traditional fork for the main course and a knife too, if it is needed. The fork will be located on the inner left of your place setting while the knife is located on your inner right.
• Once are completely done with your meal, leave the plate in place. Lay the fork with its tines down first, and then lay the knife diagonally across it ith the sharp side facing inward.
• The dessert spoon and fork should remain untouched until dessert arrives. Don’t fret if you don’t see them on the table because sometimes they are brought out with the dessert!